Presbyterian Women (PW):

See the Calendar page for current activities.

Who are the Presbyterian Women (

PW is the national women’s organization of the Presbyterian Church (USA).  With a history of
more than 200 years and more than 300,000 members,
PW is organized at all levels of the
Presbyterian Church (USA).  Trinity United Presbyterian Church is fortunate to have two
Circle meetings each month.  

The PCUSA website ( explains the PW Purpose is for women to commit
themselves to nurture faith through prayer and Bible study, to support the mission of the church,
to work for justice and peace, and to build an inclusive, caring community of women that
strengthens the PCUSA and witnesses the promise of God’s kingdom.

Since the 1800’s
PW have organized themselves to support mission and combat social injustices
nationally and internationally.  The PCUSA provides materials for
PW groups just getting started
or needing some energy.  There are a variety of activities, missions and projects coordinated by
PW organizations around the world.

Every woman in the church is a member automatically.  While the ladies circles are part of the
PW, you do not have to attend any circle meetings to be part of PW.  You are it.

Here at Trinity United PC, the
PW Naomi Circle meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at
10:30am.  Naomi Circle is currently studying “Confessing the Beatitudes”, using the Horizons
Bible Study as a guide.  Be sure to check the website or newsletter calendar for the meeting
schedule. Circle moderator Georgia McCall.

Because so many of our employed women are unable to attend a weekday morning ladies’ circle,
we would like to have an evening circle.  If you are interested in joining an evening circle, please
contact Sharon Auger.

Women are always welcome to attend
PW Circle meetings.  All church women are encouraged
to come and share ideas, thoughts and prayers.  The future of Trinity United
PW depends on you!

PW coordinator for 2012 is Sharon Auger.
A multicultural
success story